Varma’s Biggest Fan Supports PK: Varma Reacts:

Puri Jagannath Supports Pawan Kalyan

Puri Jagannath Supports Pawan Kalyan

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The issue of RGV making Sri Reddy abusing Pawan and his mother is not going to end in the near future as Pawan himself is staging a protest now. Along with all the industry biggies, a director who is said to be a hardcore disciple of Varma cleared his stand now.That disciple is none other than the dashing director Puri Jagannath. Even though Puri claimed it million times that he is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan,

people didn’t trust him for wrong speculations. Basically known as an ardent follower of RGV, Puri just proved that his hero who gave him a chance as a director is more important than his Guru Ram Gopal Varma. In the burning issue of Sri Reddy-RGV-Pawan Kalyan case, Puri not only responded openly first and foremost among all the directors made the day of Pawan fans by going against his Guru Varma.

In his recent tweet, Puri known for his frank talks declared that he is in support of his favorite hero Pawan Kalyan. Stating that his Guru RGV as wrong, he once again claimed that he will stand for Pawan Kalyan until he dies. Puri terming as the man who gave his life in the industry for directing him without any background made it doubly clear that RGV has committed a huge mistake which cannot be taken back. Shook by the unexpected tweet of Puri, RGV once again apologized for Pawan and his fans still trying to rub off his sin. This is just the start of huge protest on him where his greatest disciples like Puri, Harish Shankar, BVS Ravi etc have already gone against RGV.

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