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HomelatestPriyanka Gandhi New Congress Working President

Priyanka Gandhi New Congress Working President

Priyanka Gandhi New Congress Working President

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Priyanka Gandhi New Congress Working President: After 2014 election to raise the party graph the party chief Sonia Gandhi done all that what she can do. But before the speed of Modii, she not even succeeded at least one time. But without the related to success or failure. She introduced her son Rahul Gandhi as opposing member to the Modii she is working hard to implement this. Now she was not getting any success. This is the time is passing not only people the party members also losing interest in him. Sonia is not able to digest this situation. She realized that with the feelings the situations will not change.

Now she is realizing that if she will not think any alternative for Modi and Amith Shah before 2019 election. She is thinking that the party will not be able to stay and she took a strong decision. Soon instead of Rahul, the Congress party has decided to make Priyanka as president of the party. Even they ha e decided this with the her and also teaching her about the political lessons by some people. She discussed with Rahul about this and she shared her plan. As Sonia taking this rescue and Rahul also scarifying. We should wait and see that if this changes their situation or not.


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