Promobot Robot Sensational News In Russia

Promobot Robot promoter

Promobot Robot Promoter

Nowadays technology is ruling the world and humans. In these days Promobot Robot promoter news is viral in Russia. As now in the state of inventing the alternate mindset is going to rule the whole world. In Russia, robot performance is the same kind. The robot, if seen any one once means it will remember them. The name of that robot is Promobot. This robot is surprising all.

Putin attended a technology exhibition in Perm city. He is observing the stalls. On that time, Promobot recognizes Putin. As by giving shake hand, it introduced itself. The video Promobot giving shake hand to Putin video is going viral. In Russia, this robot is used as a tour guide, sales promoter, and a model. As it will remember some officials in Russia. In the same situation, it remembered Putin. This is not the first time it came on the news. Last year this type of robot escape from the lab. Due to this robot in Russia, there is a lot of disturbance for traffic. In coming days how the robotic technology is going to be this is an example only.

Posted September 14, 2017, 5:53 pm at 17:53