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HomelatestPutin long back knew about US-NK war!

Putin long back knew about US-NK war!

Putin long back knew about US-NK war!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long back stated his opinion with respect to a possible war between the United States and North Korea. The Russian supreme was very clear about Trump’s style of administration and his ability in resolving an issue.

Putin stated, ‘North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un is highly worried about his future. He is afraid that his fate would be similar to Saddam Hussain. So as to protect himself, and protect North Korea from the US invasion he shifted his attention to Nuclear weapons. It’s the US nature that has raised the thought of arming North Korea with ICBM and Nuclear Warheads.’

With the current level of heightened tensions between the US and North Korea, it is mostly like that the world will see a 3rd World War in the near future. In spite of being the President of a superpower like the US, Trump has failed to resolve the situation with North Korea. Instead of solving the crisis, the US President only fuelled them with his provocative tweets and public speeches.

The US has repeatedly warned North Korea that its leader would face the same fate as other leaders in the Middle East, and the country would be happier without Kim Jong-Un as its leader. It looks like, Putin knows a bit of future too!

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