BJP says ‘Rama Rama’, while Rahul says ‘Shiva Shiva Sambo’


BJP says ‘Rama Rama’, while Rahul says ‘Shiva Shiva Sambo’

Posted November 14, 2017 at 17:54 

Religion is one of the most powerful weapons in Indian Politics. Indian politicians drag ‘religion’ during their election campaign to win the votes on a communal basis. Similarly, the same religion is used as a ‘synonym’ for carrying terrorist activities. Worldwide terror groups often claim that they are fighting ‘Jihad – Holy Fight’ to protect their religion.

Even the history shows the same. Thousands of people were killed in the name of religion. Anyone who is well versed in Tamil Nadu’s history knows about the disputes between Shaivites and Vaishanavites, which are indeed a part of Hinduism.

rahul gandhi says i am lord shiva devotee

RSS has been labeled as ‘religious and communal group’, which takes pride in protecting the legacy of Lord Rama. Though BJP was also labeled on the same lines, the party is trying to come out of the religious imprint on them. But now, it looks as if Rahul Gandhi has joined this league.

In his Gujarat Election campaigning Rahul Gandhi said, ‘whether BJP and Modi Ji believe it or not, I am a devotee of Lord Shiva.’ The Congress leader has reportedly been visiting temples in the state of Gujarat on a spree.

Everyone knows what impact the ‘Ram Mandir’ in Ayodhya had on BJP’s win in 2014 general elections. At that time Congress Party was trying to please the minority sections of the nation. But now, it looks like Congress has realized its mistake and is changing its mind. One has to wait and see how far the ‘Shiva’ mantra would favor Congress in the 2019 General Elections.

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