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Rape attempt on Malayalam heroine in Train!

Rape attempt on Malayalam heroine Sanusha in Train 

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Intolerance has been on a growing trend in India. Women in India are subjected to sexual harassment, irrespective of their age and region. A normal woman is usually the victims of sexually abused/harassed when compared to celebrities. But the recent incidents don’t hint that way. Recently, Tamil heroine Amala Paul has been sexually harassed at her workplace. Even before that incident is gone to dust, yet another case of sexual harassment on a heroine came to light.

Malayalam heroine Sanusha is the victim in the latest incident. Sanusha is famous for her role in the (dubbed) movie ‘Renigunta’. While the Malayalam actress was travelling in a train Kannur to Thiruvananthapuram, the actress has been sexually harassed. The incident took place while Sanusha was fast asleep. ‘I was asleep due to tiredness. A man tried to rape me. I immediately got alert, and complained to the TT’, said Sanusha. The case has been registered and the railway police are probing into the incident.

Meanwhile, social activists and many women welfare organizations came in support of the heroine. They called for improved security measures, especially for women in the trains. The Railway Police authorities have taken the case as a challenge, and are leaving no stone unturned to find the culprit.

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