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Are the political parties in A.P going to compromise interests of the state for their political gains?

AP political parties going to compromise interests for their political gains

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The people of Andhra has pinned in a lot of hopes in the Union Budget which was disclosed by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley yesterday.

It was clearly a huge let down for the people of Andhra and especially for the state which is a newborn. The TDP and its alliance party BJP has promised the state many things regarding the welfare and development. But if we look into the details deeply for the past few years, the words have spoken much more than the actions. Though the current budget has given its importance to the rural economy and agriculture, they have completely neglected the major issues of the state.

There is no word in the budget regarding the national project polavaram. And even the prime issues like Visakhapatnam Railway zone and funding of the state capital project Amravati has been ignored. Though the chief minister of the state Chandrababu Naidu has expressed his disappointment regarding the budget, it doesn’t do any good to the welfare of the people or the state.

What really matters now is the stand taken by the TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu. Will he continue to be in friendly alliance with BJP even after letting down the state many times? Is the government in A.P more concerned about the people of the state or its alliance with BJP? It’s time for the government to let the people know about its course of action without dragging much time on cabinet meetings and all.

Keeping the ruling party aside for a moment, what is the opposition party doing when the state is in such a miserable situation? Its thirst for getting into power seems to be more important than the welfare of the people and state. Instead of making allegations on the ruling party and its chief all the time, why don’t the opposition party focus on the prime issues of the state and come up with a solution? From the time of bifurcation and the TDP getting into power, we have never seen both the ruling and opposition parties working together under one roof for the welfare of the people and the state. If such things happen, the sunrise state wouldn’t be in such a situation today.

The newly formed party Janasena which is also a part of the TDP-BJP alliance should also take the responsibility regarding this. We all know how much the PK factor has worked in the last elections. It’s Pawan’s responsibility to stand for the people now and fight for the rights of the state. Each political party in the state is going in each different way. Might be the thirst of getting into power for one party or sustaining their chair for another term to another party, it seems like no political party is seriously looking into the prime issues of the state rather than their personal benefits.

Politics is meant to serve the people. If all the political parties in A.P come together under one roof and fight for the rights or the benefits the state deserve, we would definitely achieve what we want.

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