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HomelatestCBN counting stars about his alliance with BJP

CBN counting stars about his alliance with BJP

CBN counting stars about his alliance with BJP

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The TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu has fallen in a groove after the release of Union Budget 2018. He is standing on the thin line in between BJP and his TDP Cadre. His present situation is as follows:

Earlier, CBN has expected something from the Union Budget for the state of Andhra Pradesh. As the centre disappointed him and his state, he has decided to withdraw from the alliance. Here came the biggest issue. Some of his party’s MLAs are threatening Babu that they are willing to jump into YSRCP as it will form an alliance with BJP if he comes out of it. While some of them are forcing Babu to work against BJP as they are confident about winning 2019’s elections without BJP’s support. CBN is now in two mindsets.

One is he wants to fight alone against BJP, YSRCP and maybe Janasena and the other is continuing the alliance. He is also in a fear of losing power in the state and grip on the centre if he cuts his bond with BJP. A brief survey of AP voters revealed that the state is furious on BJP and it will affect TDP as well if it continues its alliance. The AP CM, however, is keen on holding party meetings with MPs and MLAs separately about this issue. More MPs are in favour of cutting bond with BJP and more MLAs are keen on continuing with the NDA. For now, Babu should face this heat until 15th of this month as he is expected to declare his final decision on the alliance.

Meanwhile, the NGOs along with some MPs and MLAs have started protesting against Modi’s government. In this situation, only Janasena’s support would help CBN to fight with BJP in case if he chooses to come out.

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