Saha Scores World’s Fastest Century; In Just 20 Balls!

Saha Innings Had 14 Sixes And Four Boundaries 
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Saha Innings Had 14 Sixes And Four Boundaries 

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West Indies batsman Chris Gayle is often known as the world’s most explosive batsman. If the Jamaican is on the song, no bowler stands a change, and the boundaries appear to be smaller. Such is his sheer power, and bat swing. As expected, he holds the record for the fastest century in professional cricket.

He scored a century off just 30 balls in an IPL League match on 23rd April 2013. The match took place between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings. With his 30-ball-100, Gayle broke the record of Andrew Symonds who has a 34-ball-100 to his name. Symonds achieved the feat on 2nd July 2004.

Who would have possibly thought that Wriddhiman Saha, who is not known for pinch hitting would surpass Gayle’s record? That too not by a ball or two, but by 10 balls, or in 2/3rd balls taken by Gayle. Playing in the JC Mukherjee Trophy, the match took place between Saha’s Mohan Bagan and Nagpur Railways.

With a target of 152 runs, Mohan Bagan came to bat. Saha who opened the innings scored a 20-ball-100, with 14 sixes, 2 fours and 2 singles. The team chased down the target of 152 in just 7.2 overs. What’s more surprising is that Saha hit 6 sixes in an over. That over went for 37 runs, thanks to a wide bowled by the bowler.

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