Special Movie Teaser #Actor Ajay


Ajay Special movie teaser

You remember Saarayi Veerraju movie that Ajay first movie as a hero. After many character roles, Ajay turned as a hero. After that movie, he again committed to character roles. Albeit, Ajay has a good demand as a character artist, he did friend roles, villain roles up to now. Though, now he is again coming as a hero with ‘Special’ movie. Actually, the title is looking special. Generally, Ajay did many police roles in his previous movies, as well as, he is a police also in this movie.


In this movie, actress Akshata making her debut and director Vastav also makes his debut with this film. Come to the teaser, probably, it may be a crime-oriented film. The visuals all are impressive and the teaser is filled with action elements. However, this movie is coming with the tagline ‘The story of a mind reader’. So, it is somewhat interesting. Moreover, Ajay is coming again as a hero, and this is an interesting point. The movie release date not disclosed yet now, so let’s see…


Cast: Ajay, Ranga, and Akshata
Director – Vastav
Music Director – NVS Manyam
Producer – Nandalal Creations ( Nandam Srivastav)
Cinematography – P Amar Kumar
Editor – SB Udha


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