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Sri Reddy In Begging Mode For KTR’s Appointment

Sri Reddy In Begging Mode For KTR’s Appointment!

Actress Sri Reddy who came to limelight with the casting couch and abuse on Pawan Kalyan has completely changed her route. After days of crying through her Facebook posts, claiming that she is forced to stay indoors for security reasons, the controversial actress has shifted her attention to Telangana IT Minister KTR.

She has already put a couple of Facebook posts, and Tweets through her official social networking handles, requesting the appointment of Telangana IT Minister KTR to discuss the casting couch, and the difficulties she is facing.

In her latest post, she once again requested KTR for his appointment.

“Please kindly try to understand sir. Why are you silent about the fate of women sir in the Telugu film industry subjected to sexual harassment, when you seem to talk many things about women empowerment… where is empowerment without adequate protection, sir… please, we need ur appointment” [sic], read her message.

She left the message to KTR through WhatsApp at around 11:21 pm last night, and share the same via a screenshot on Facebook. No one representing KTR, or the Telangana Government has responded to this.

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