The Common Title, The New Trend For South Indian Releases

The New Trend For South Indian Movies Releases

Almost all heroes in South India are expanding their markets beyond their own Forts. Tamil heroes outrun other movie Industries in India in this regard. One of the Tamil heroes who enjoy a decent market in Tollywood is Karthi. The title of his next explains clearly about this trend.

Karthi signed a new flick post-Devand the makers titled the flick as Khaidi. Known for the name of megastar Chiru’s milestone flick, the title can do the magic in the two Telugu States but the makers are also going with the same name in Tamil. If we observe carefully, this is said to be a profitable thing for movies which aspired to get released in more than one language. Even Karthi’s recently released flick Dev has the same common title. Projects having the same title in all the released versions can cut down the promotional expenses. The likes of Baahubali, KGF, 2.0 followed the same trend and it got sunk into the movie lovers of different regions. Coming to the title Khaidi, the name is quite famous already and Tamilians would feel no problem to digest it.

Coming to the work front of Karthi, Dev didn’t go well both in Tamil and Telugu Industries so he is pinning huge hopes on Khaidi. More details about this project will be revealed officially from the makers in the upcoming days.


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