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HomelatestThousands run off fearing possible Bali Volcano eruption

Thousands run off fearing possible Bali Volcano eruption

Bali Volcano eruption

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In more than 50 years, for the first time, fears are growing among thousands living in the shadow of a rumbling volcano on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali running off from the place.

In 1963, almost 1600 people died when Mt. Agung erupted. From September fears encouraged more than 1, 40,000 people to leave the area. More than 30000 people are displaced, said, officials.

Though the head of Indonesia’s Volcanology center urged people to stay calm and said the mountain’s alert level is not yet raised, still the disaster officials have warned there is a fresh activity at Mt Agung and could see it blow its top anytime soon.

Indonesia lies on the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, where tectonic plates do collide, causing volcanic and seismic activities. The mountain lies some 75 km from Bali’s tourist areas that attract millions of tourists every year.

Flights have not been affected so far, but the mountain continues to spew smoke, not any big eruption.

Mount Merapi on the island Java is considered one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world. It 2010 it erupted after rumbling since 2006, killing as many as 300 people and forcing 280000 lives to flee.

While Mount Sinabung on Sumatra Island is presently at its highest alert level and has been actively rumbling since 2013.

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