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HomelatestUS Company threatens its employees to quit their jobs!

US Company threatens its employees to quit their jobs!

US Company threatens its employees to quit their jobs!

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The need of Information Technology, and software in our day to day life gave rise to lakhs of IT jobs. Just like, Hyderabad flourished during the 2000’s, thanks to the IT boom at that time, thousands of people managed to get well-paid jobs in the IT sector. The same has been even in the US.

With times things have changed. The HRs in the MNCs have become a synonym of cruelty, sadism and inhuman behaviour. Even the work cultures in the MNCs have gone from bad to worse in the last few years. Many employees working in the private sector often complaint about job-security. They don’t know when, why and how they will be fired.

A recent incident explains the woes of the employees. And shocking it took place in the US. Verizon, a cellular-company in the US, forced 200 employees to sign on resignation papers.

The respective company spoke to each and every individual by asking them to come to a meeting room. After entering the meeting room, the employees were shocked, seeing bouncers, HR and other representatives.

‘The only way to get out of that room was after signing the resignation letter. There was no other way out. We were not even given any time. We were not allowed to take our own belongings. It was really scary,’ shared an employee who was forced to resign.

The same has been recorded in CCTV cameras installed in various buildings of the neighbourhood. The 200 employees reportedly field the case against Verizon under criminal sections.

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