Why Jagan and Pawan cannot target BJP?

Why Jagan and Pawan cannot target BJP

The two rivals of AP’s ruling party TDP, Jagan and Pawan expressed their opinions on the Parliament debate regarding the No Confidence Motion. Interestingly, responses of both these leaders match almost eighty percent.

Jagan is an all-time enemy to the TDP as he is giving tough competition to the Yellow camp with his cadre. Whereas the newly formed party Janasena and its Supreme Pawan Kalyan are giving nightmares to its ex-partner TDP. Both these leaders target TDP and CBN in their each and every public speech. In the yesterday’s tweets, Pawan Kalyan slammed the TDP Chief CBN for his inability to get the Status but he showed no interest on questioning BJP in any of his tens of tweets. Jagan too fumed fire on the AP CM for rejecting Special Status just for Package in the past. Incidentally, Jagan, as usual, kept his cool on BJP and showed his anger only on TDP and its head Chandrababu Naidu. One wonder why these leaders fail to target BJP which also plays a prominent role in AP’s dire situation.

Observers say that either they are fearing the Centre as it has the capacity to play with these two or they could have had a secret pact with the BJP. If these two are really against the BJP, then they should implement hatred on BJP in actions to win the trust of AP people.


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