Women become pregnant with Husbands in jail for past 10 years!

Women become pregnant with Husbands in jail

Women become pregnant with Husbands in jail for past 10 years!

Posted November 14, 2017 at 19:29 

Palestinian women finally made a breakthrough. The women are bearing kids, even while their husbands are serving their sentence in prisons for decades together. With the development of technology and advancement in Medical Science, this has been possible. For many people who wonder how could a woman get ‘legally’ pregnant with her husband in the jail for past 10 years, the Medical Science has an answer.

It was the year 2004. A prisoner named Rahimustaha first proposed the idea of ‘smuggling’ his semen. Later he discussed this idea when his wife visited him. He stated her, ‘If we remain silent, who would fight for our nation? For our people? Who would stand against these atrocities?’. He finally convinced her wife to smuggle his semen.

He later shared the idea with his most trusted co-prisoners in the jail. Many of them followed his path and smuggled their semen through their wives without being noticed by the Jail Authorities. As a result, in the past three years, the prisoners’ wives gave birth to 32 children. The women say, ‘we look our husbands in these children’ in an emotional manner.

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