YS Jagan’s Attitude, A Big Problem For The YSRCP

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The Opposition leader YS Jagan has become the main obstacle for the party’s goodwill among the neutral voters of Andhra Pradesh. His recent course of actions explains everything.

Jagan is often termed as a dictator by his own party members. The likes of big leaders like Kavuri Sambasiva Rao and others are never given any importance in meetings such that Jagan is scared of sharing his position in the party. The leaders who come out of the party fume on their ex-boss for belittling them and about giving the least importance when it comes to the party’s internal affairs. Already this nature of Jagan earned him a tag of monopoly but his puppet nature in the hands of TRS Chief KCR is worsening the situation. Sources close to the YSRCP say that Jagan is taking back some leaders who already left the party only because KCR asked him to do so. These acts make Jagan a weak leader who is not strong enough to take decisions wisely and eventually anti-incumbency votes might get split.

As this is not enough, rumors stating that YS Jagan is in secret pact with Modi add more fuel to the flame. Unless Jagan changes his attitude and portrays himself as a strong leader, the chances of his win might slim down drastically.


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