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HomelatestTelangana CM Appointment With The Prime Minister In Talks

Telangana CM Appointment With The Prime Minister In Talks

After a multiple trails,the Telangana Statesman KCR finally got the appointment of PM Narendra Modi to discuss big issues of Telangana. Politicals analysts as per their obtained information from the TRS camp reveal crucial points to be discussed in this meet.KCR tried his best to get a short meeting with the Indian PM many times but he just got the appointment today.

Telangana CM Appointment With The Prime Minister In Talks

He will be meeting Modi at any time before 12 PM t discuss key problems of Telangana. KCR is very keen on getting the approval of his new zonal system of Telangana from the PM to make it legal and official. Also he will be asking the Central Government to split the High Court between Andhra and Telangana. Along with these problems, the TRS Chief is all set to request PM’s cabinet to implement the remaining promises left in the AP Bifurcation Act of 2014 as Telangana needs to rebuilt some Government institutions as soon as possible.

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Apart from all these, KCR who is confident on finishing the projects of Chevella, Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation needs more funds. So he will request the PM to provide him extra funds as these projects would provide irrigation water for some lakhs of acres. If possible, he is all set to demand for the construction of IIIT in Karimnagar as promised in the Bifurcation Act. it is heavily speculated that KCR got appointments of some Central Ministers like Minister of Finance, Law and Justice and other important cabinet members to discuss his State’s problems.

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