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Looks like that Hero is an experiment too much after one hit!

Sumanth experiment too much after one hit!

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For a very long time, Akkineni hero Sumanth has been struggling for success at the box office. After his recent films flopped, his near and dear advised him not to continue anymore as a hero. But Sumanth stressed on the fact that, the reason for him to act in movies is not for making money, but to prove himself as a film hero. His efforts finally paid off. His recent movie, ‘Malli Rava’ went on to become the biggest hit in his career and became a sleeper hit at the box office too.

Generally, Sumanth takes a long break to start a new movie. But after the success of ‘Malli Rava,’ it is heard that the actor has signed for another movie. The film would be directed by a debutant. Sources close to the Akkineni family stated that Sumanth will be playing a slightly negative-shade character in the upcoming film, making it the first time for him.

Discussions are being held over the movie’s script and other technicalities are being discussed. We have to wait and see whether Sumanth can pull-off another hit with this movie or not!

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