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Tough time ahead for Balakrishna! Will he win or lose?

Tough time ahead for Balakrishna 

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Balakrishna’s 102nd film, ‘Jai Simha’ directed by Tamil Director KS Ravikumar and produced by C Kalyan on CK Entertainments is all set to release on January 12th. Nayantara, Natasha and Hari Priya will be seen as the heroines opposite Balakrishna in this film. Balakrishna will be seen sporting two roles in the upcoming movie.

Currently, the post-production work is underway. The movie’s shooting has been completely wrapped up a few days ago.

Close sources to the production unit said that ‘the producer C Kalyan will be presenting the film by himself. We guess he might have taken this decision after distributors showed reluctance to buy the film. There is a hint of negative feeling about the movie’s outcome after the release.’  Surya Gang Movie and Pawan Kalyan Agnathavasi and Jai Simha movie

‘Jai Simha’ is being released for the Sankranti. Though it is understood that the film’s collections will be greatly affected by Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnathavasi’ which will be released 2 days ahead, i.e., on 10th January, the producer was taken back with another bad news.

Surya’s ‘Ganga’ movie is also releasing on January 12th, colluding with ‘Jai Simha’. Tamil hero Surya has a good market even in Telugu market too. If Surya’s ‘Gang’ receives a positive talk in the Telugu states, it will further handicap Balakrishna’s ‘Jai Simha’ collections to a great extent.

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