Prabhas Defeats Bollywood Heroes In Race

Prabhas in Top 5 favorite heroes

Prabhas in Top 5 favorite heroes

Tollywood biggest film Bahubhali is a turning film of Prabhas’s career. Bahubhali is still continuing with its records. Bahubhali gave a great craze to Prabhas. According to the latest updates, Prabhas stood as top 5 in favorite heroes. Prabhas in Top 5 favorite heroes is proven through the survey conducted by India today, the mood of the nations 2016-2017.

This the first time in the history for a Tollywood actor to grab the place in top 5of favorite heroes list. In the list, we see Prabhas pushing Bollywood star hero Aamir Khan. Even the movie Bahubhali stood 1st in the list of favorite movie 2016-2017. It has pushed back Bollywood’s ever green film Sholay with 28% votes and stood in the first place. This proves how much crazy Prabhas bags with the film Bahubhali.

Sholay stood in the 2nd place while Bahubhali 1 is again in the third place and Aamir Khans Dhangal in the fourth place. while coming to heroes, Amitabh Bachchan stood first, Salman in the second place. Shahrukh Khan in third place with Akshay Kumar in fourth and Prabhas in the fifth place.

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