Wednesday, March 22, 2023
HomelatestRam Mohan Naidu, a ray of hope for AP-TDP

Ram Mohan Naidu, a ray of hope for AP-TDP

The AP TDP Parliamentarians despite failing to win the No Confidence Motion became successful in grabbing the limelight. One of the MPs has become the new talk of the Delhi Politicians.

He is none other than the first time MP Ram Mohan Naidu. This precedent of passed away TDP Minister Yerrannaidu made his mark in Parliament. As the corporate MP Galla Jayadev finished his speech in fluent English, Ram Mohan Naidu stunned one and all with his perfect Hindi. Being the first time Parliamentarian, Ram Mohan Naidu shot back at his regional rival Hari Babu and questioned the Indian Prime Minister about the promises made to the AP. Be it his Hindi vocabulary or the content in his speech, Ram Mohan Naidu received many positive feedbacks from the senior most Parliamentarians inside the house. It is not an exaggeration to say that leaders like Advani and others appeared listening to Ram Mohan Naidu with rather attention and silence.

Many are saying that TDP has got a young and dynamic leader who the chief can bank on in the upcoming years. This young MP troubled the Visakhapatnam BJP leader Haribabu by alleging him of ditching his own State for parties and own benefit. Not many could speak Hindi that much fluent and there are only a few leaders like Venkaiah Naidu who plays with Hindi vocabulary. Ram Mohan Naidu just got added to that list.

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