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HomelatestRK-The General Secretary for ‘Abuse mother and sister wing’: Pawan

RK-The General Secretary for ‘Abuse mother and sister wing’: Pawan

RK-The General Secretary For ‘Abuse Mother And Sister Wing’: Pawan

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has once again fumed on ABN managing director Radha Krishna in a series of tweets.

As we all know, Pawan Kalyan who has decided to go on with his long legal fight with bigwigs in media circles seems to be not going down in his battle via the social platform. Pawan Kalyan who has been targeting TDP and ABN Radha Krishna along with few others through his Twitter handle has come with some new series of tweets today.

Pawan Kalyan has addressed Radha Krishna as TDP Jyothi Rathna in his latest tweets. He questioned whether Tdp’s culture is to abuse everyone right from the Prime Minister to the common man. Pawan also expressed his view that achievement of SCS by TDP is only by abusing everyone in an unparliamentary language( related to Balayya’s speech at Dharma Porata Deeksha). He even guessed that Radha Krishna might have given the training to all these people.

Pawan Kalyan has stated that American Constitution preamble line is “In God we trust” and TDP’s constitution preamble line “In Abuse we trust”. In this regard, PK has even addressed Radha Krishna as the General Secretary of ‘Abuse mother and sister wing’ and Boothu Rathna. Pawan also made it clear that public abuse and PRIVATE apology doesn’t work with him. He also expressed his anguish in his tweets by saying that from the past 6 months some people and a sector of media have been intentionally targeting, abusing and doing emotional atyachar on him and even dragged his mother into this.

Pawan stated that he will be always extending his support to the media channels who safeguard the values and ethics of journalism and treat everyone equally.

The sort of language used by Pawan Kalyan in his Twitter handle has not only surprised but also shocked everyone

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