How Is It POSSIBLE BiggBoss…!

Shyamala ,Nutan Naidu Reentry In Bigg Boss

We couldn’t predict this Bigg Boss strategy… And we know that for the reentry into BiggBoss house only one candidate is enough. We just feel like that, but BiggBoss didn’t feel like that. This time BiggBoss takes two candidates for reentry. One is Shyamala and another one is Nuthan Naidu. For this eliminated contestants, more than 11 crores of votings were polled, how is it possible…! We are just 8 crores but everyone has two sim cards and online votings by different IP addresses, so it may possible. But, the number of votes is very big and the audience shows much interest in the BiggBoss.

Every Sunday clarifies so many matters to the audience, as usual, this Sunday also. Shyamala and Nuthan Naidu’s entry will surprise housemates. But, here is another doubt about this week elimination that there is one elimination or two eliminations…! BiggBoss show is successfully completed 50 days. If Pooja is really a contestant, with Pooja there are four wildcard entries and the remaining days are 50. If there is only one elimination per week, only 7 members will eliminate or two eliminations per week 14 members will eliminate. both cases are not possible. How it goes…! It is really damn hard to predict… Yes, it is BiggBoss, anything will happen…


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