Wednesday, January 19, 2022
HomelatestTwitter Doubles Human Emotions!

Twitter Doubles Human Emotions!

Twitter Doubles Human Emotions!

Twitter, has ended its iconic 140 character limit and increasing the characters limit to 280 to everyone. The countries who use fewer characters will still have the original limit, like the Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

The social media giant says, around nine percent of tweets are written in English. People are finding it hard to finish a tweet. Either they are spending more time to edit tweets or withdraw from sending them.

Twitter anticipates that the character increase to tweet will boost more people to tweet more, helping the company with the increase in users.

For some time the company has been testing the new limit and is starting it bring it out today.The company is bringing down the restrictions only to let people stuff more characters into a tweet. It also stopped counting polls, videos, photos and other things in the limit. Twitter Increases Character Limit To 280

Much before the twitter could do anything, the users found many innovative ways to get around the limit. This included multi-part tweets and screenshots of blocks of text.

It was in those times, the twitter created twitter limit when it can fit a single text message when people were using texts to receive tweets.

It is no more a technical constraint but nostalgia.

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