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WhatsApp for Android Version to get battery saver settings for enabling dark mode

WhatsApp is actively working on bringing dark mode on to its Android app. In the past year, we have seen several reports that have detailed how the company has redesigned various sections of its social messaging app to support Android 10’s dark theme. Now, a new report details exactly how the Facebook-owned social messaging app is planning to offer the option of implementing the dark mode on their Android smartphones.

According to a new report by WABeta Info, the blog that tracks developments in WhatsApp, Facebook will offer a new Themes section under the Settings menu of the app wherein users will get to pick one of the three options. The Light theme is presumably the way we have been using WhatsApp so far. The Dark theme, as the name suggests, is likely going to be what we hope to see in the app. The third theme option – Set by Battery Saver – is based on your phone’s battery saver setting and it would presumably turn the app dark when the battery level of your phone drop below a certain level.

But there is a catch. The third Set by Battery Saver option, as per the report, will be available in Android phones running on Android 9.0 Pie and older versions of Google’s mobile operating system. Phones running on the newly released Android 10 will get a different System Default option. When enabled this option would automatically set WhatsApp’s theme on your phone based on your system’s theme. This means that if your Android 10 powered phone is working in a dark theme, WhatsApp will be run on your phone in the dark mode.

This feature is available in WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.19.353. However, don’t panic if you are unable to see this feature on your phone yet. WhatsApp hasn’t officially rolled out the dark theme on to its Android app yet and the company hasn’t detailed a timeline as to when users will be seeing this feature on their smartphones either. However, with the pace of things, it shouldn’t be long before the company formally announces the update to its users.

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