YSRCP Head’s Monopolism Costed Another Big Leader

Mutta Gopala Krishna join in janasena

Be it any reason, the YSRCP President Jagan is facing troubles for his own deeds. As the existing issues were not enough, he faced an unexpected loss in the name of his party’s senior-most leader.For a year, the so-called senior leaders are leaving the YSRCP for Jagan’s leadership and bossy Nature. Also, he is not paying enough respect and prominence to the senior leaders in this party. Despite inviting them and taking their suggestions, Jagan is taking his own decisions regarding Party and the latest utter flop show of AP Bandh is a clear example. Until now, his actions like making controversial comments on Janasenani’s personal life, declarations about BC reservations and a sudden U-turn etc dented his fame but these actions are now costing him, big leaders.

Mutta Gopala krishna with pawan

Already the leaders like Jyothula Nehru, Dadi, Mysura Reddy, S P Y Reddy, and others left YSRCP as Jagan is ignoring them being seniors.Now the Kakinada YSRCP leader Mutta Gopala Krishna and his son M Sasidhar left the party and joined Janasena. This Vysya leader after joining Janasena gave the reason to leave YSRCP. Mutta claimed that he was given no respect by his ex-Supreme Jagan all these years and recently he removed Mutta’s son Sasidhar as YSRCP’s Kakinada Party head. Irked Mutta family left YSRCP believing in Janasena and its ideology. Mutta’s loss is going to pay more to Jagan as he has a huge vote bank.


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